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Putting PowerShell to good use: discovering the OpenText eDOCS WCF API

Intro to the series “Putting PowerShell to good use”

Another post in the series “Putting PowerShell to good use”. In my company, I am evangelizing PowerShell use for various purposes and it is starting to gain traction. PowerShell is not just for the system administrator, but a great tool for any developer as well. It lends itself well for all sort of tasks:

  • Discovering APIs;
  • Leveraging APIs;
  • Creating APIs;
  • Deployment;
  • Testing.

In these series “Putting PowerShell to good use”, I want to share here how I have been using PowerShell. In this second post: discovering APIs with PowerShell and learning about the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services API for eDOCS DM, a.k.a. the eDOCS DM WCF API.

The posts of the series so far:

  1. Discovering the eDOCS DM COM API
  2. Discovering the eDOCS DM WCF API (this post)


This new job at The ONE introduced me to OpenText eDOCS Document Management. This time I will be looking at the WCF API of eDOCS DM using PowerShell. Continue reading