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PowerShell: Recreate “SharePoint Web Services” web application bindings

SharePoint 2013 creates the “SharePoint Web Services” web application with bindings http->32843 and https->32844 and binds a private certificate from the LocalMachine\SharePoint certificate store to the https->32844 binding. My colleague used Remove-WebBinding -name “WebAppTitle” with the intention to remove only the binding for the specified web application name, but Remove-WebBinding seems to remove all IIS bindings, including the Default Webapplication, Central Administration and SharePoint Web Services!

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PowerShell: Get-SPCField.ps1 – Getting SharePoint fields using Client Side Object Model

I am currently working on PowerShell scripts to ease SharePoint 2010/2013 configuration deployment in DTAP environments. These scripts started out with SharePoint Object Model (server side) dependencies, but in a discussion with Macaws SharePoint master Bram de Jager, I wondered if similar commands could be crafted with the SharePoint Client Site Object Model functionality as well. Goal is to create a proof of concept Get-SPField that uses SharePoint Client Object Model instead of the server SharePoint object model.

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