Victor Vogelpoel

Excellence is in the details


VictorVogelpoelBaardBW2Thanks for stopping by. My name is Victor Vogelpoel. I love to help and spark people with my ideas, code and design. Note that this blog is personal; the views and opinions expressed here are entirely my own and not those of my employer.

 I live in The Netherlands and working for GeONE and The ONE as a technical consultant.

13 things about me. Most of them are true:

  • I have one daughter.
  • I love faces and photos. I collect photos at Pinterest.
  • I like humor and cynism.
  • I am a pretty good amateur photographer (but lack confedence to publishing my work).
  • I hold a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu.
  • When I was young, I was really into gymnastics.
  • I am a gemini and I truely try to finish what I start.
  • I am an in-time person, but don’t ask me to track time spent on something.
  • I am an ISTJ and suspected HSP.
  • I like learning and reading.
  • I really like PowerShell and evangelize it where I can.
  • I like (science fiction) comics, but not that superpower stuff.

I like: redhead girls and freckles, portrait and abstract photos, photography , LightRoom,  Gmail and Google Apps, 500px, Synology, Jiu Jitsu, Jack’s Background Switcher, iPad, Flipboard, Twitter, PowerShell, FireFox, KeyPass2, humor,  cats, Dropbox.

I’m interested in: photography, PowerShell, life hacking, communication & writing, blogging, personal productivity,  mindfulness, behavioral psychology, quotes, frontend development, UX, webdesign, Windows Phone, daily news, tech news.

You can contact me by leaving a message below, through twitter @victorvogelpoel or the contact page.

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