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PowerShell: Recreate “SharePoint Web Services” web application bindings


SharePoint 2013 creates the “SharePoint Web Services” web application with bindings http->32843 and https->32844 and binds a private certificate from the LocalMachine\SharePoint certificate store to the https->32844 binding. My colleague used Remove-WebBinding -name “WebAppTitle” with the intention to remove only the binding for the specified web application name, but Remove-WebBinding seems to remove all IIS bindings, including the Default Webapplication, Central Administration and SharePoint Web Services!

Fixed the procedure by first getting the bindings before removing them: Get-WebBinding -name “WebAppTitle” | Remove-WebBinding. Anyways, the code below recreates the bindings for the “SharePoint Web Services” webapplication:

# Recreate web bindings for the SharePoint 2013 webservice webapp "SharePoint Web Services"
# Victor Vogelpoel Feb 2013

$webappName = "SharePoint Web Services"

if (!(Get-WebBinding -name $webappName -protocol "https" -port 32844))
  New-WebBinding -name $webappName  -ip "*" -port 32844 -protocol "https"

# Bind SharePoint's own "SharePoint Services" certificate to the webbinding for HTTPS 32844
$b = Get-WebBinding -name $webappName -protocol "https" -port 32844
if ($b)
  $cert = get-childitem cert:\\localmachine\sharepoint | where { $_.subject -match "^CN=SharePoint Services" }
  if (!$cert)
    throw "Cannot find `"SharePoint Services`" certificate in SharePoint certificate store"

  [void]$b.AddSslCertificate($cert.ThumbPrint, "SharePoint")
  throw "Cannot find webbinding"

if (!(Get-WebBinding -name $webappName -protocol "http" -port 32843))
  New-WebBinding -name $webappName  -ip "*" -port 32843 -protocol "http"

Author: Victor Vogelpoel

Dad, SharePoint technical specialist, PowerShell architect, photographer and just a guy whose life happens while trying planning it.

8 thoughts on “PowerShell: Recreate “SharePoint Web Services” web application bindings

  1. Thanks Victor, You saved my time! 🙂

  2. Hi Victor, it’s a small world 🙂 This saved my day after almost giving up after a long and frustrating night. Thank you! – Your old colleague Roderick

  3. Thank you very much for this tip!
    By mistake I assigned an SSL certificate to the 32844 binding and could not put it back into original state via IIS Manager. Your script saved me!

  4. Thanks! Was messing around in my TEST environment and needed to reset this. Saved me the hassle!

  5. Can we configure SharePoint Web Services only with https binding without http

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